How long, Oh Lord?

I bet from the title you thought this would be an adoption post, but it’s not. Ha.

Actually, I’ve just been thinking about how long to school each year. Many states require 180 days minimum.

Bookstores pop up just about everywhere these days. Awesome.

This year my 5 year old boy & his 3 year old distract-inator brother and I began schooling at home. I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past few weeks as we round the stretch into our first big holiday break. We’re doing it pretty much every day and I am loving that.

I think we’ll emphasize reading now, and probably always, and keep that on our plate daily. Because we’re still at the letter recognition/BOB books level, it’s pretty work intensive for me at this point: he can’t work independently yet, unless he’s just tracing or doing copywork. Even then he does better with me sitting nearby. I have a somewhat unpredictable schedule, a mashed-up SAHM-WAHM teaching music and playing gigs. So my philosophy has become “do reading & some math every day we can”. That has worked out well, and I think my son actually appreciates the predictability of what will be in the first couple of workboxes each day.

I still labor under a bit of a shadow of the school curriculums. I want to be sure we are at least on-level with the public schoolers and I don’t want my son to suffer academically just because I’m so new at this. For that reason, I think schooling every day is helping me relax a bit and let us take our time. I find myself much less snappy with him when he gets tired or distracted, too. Maybe I should have listed that as the best reason to school 365!

We aim to be chill. It's a lofty goal.


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