The waiiiiting is the hardest part.

We have finally completed all of our adoption homework, jumped through every hoop and are now just… waiting.

Our agency has all our info, our approved report from the social worker, and our family profile book. We used Blurb to make it and it turned out just the way we wanted. I can’t imagine making it without a program like that, it was super helpful. The other thing that lead to me completing the profile book without huddling in the fetal position under my bed was a class we took online through Adoption Learning Partners. Extremely practical, if you are going to be making one of these or writing a “Dear Birthmother” letter any time soon I would sit yourself down with a nice latte, run on over to their site and take the class.

Yup, now we wait. It’s not that bad, really. I’m not a patient person but even I can see that we have privileges and graces that other families long for. We already have two monkeys, and they are awesome little humans. We have a stable and supportive extended family. We have the luxury of believing in a Creator and in the existence of absolutes. All these things put us in a great position to wait gracefully for the process to work itself out.

A friend said something so smart about it, though, “To hold an adoption loosely requires the heart of a robot. I am convinced.” She and her husband are waiting, too, and have had many more jarring ups and downs so pray for them if they happen to come to mind. Can’t wait for our kids to meet theirs a few years down the road.



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