Mother’s Day Rocketh

*To see the video below without it being cut in half, click on the title of this post before viewing. Pity me and my WordPress noviceness.*

I have decided to make my first post here a tribute to my evah lovin muthuh. My mom is awesome on so many levels. Having pretty much taught herself to weld with her friends, she makes art out of reclaimed pieces of junk metal. Another group of friends creates huge cement leaves that everyone wants to buy but mom rarely sells hers because it “takes something out of it”. A master gardener, she and Dad meticulously resodded their lawn 4 years ago and yet left a large pile of dirt bare simply because our boys love to play in it.

She mispronounces words in fantastic ways, ruthlessly mixing metaphors and ordering fajitas in such a way it becomes practically scandalous.  Despite having thoroughly proven she can still chase me down and spank me as an adult, she’s even cool when we tease her about these things.

Here’s a video that pretty much explains how great she is. This video was for a contest J entered, was shot in her backyard, and Mom enthusiastically participated as you can see. After we shot the video I believe we roasted hot dogs and drank her favorite Black Butte Porter while hanging out watching the sun go down. Yay, Mom!


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